How to Protect Your Investment

How to Protect Your Investment with Great Lakes Honda

One way we make owning a vehicle worry-free...

Honda Plus Protection Plan

With plans ranging from 4/YR 100,000 KM to 8/YR 200,000 KM, you know you can always count on Honda to get you there.

  • Experience 24/7 Roadside Assistance in all of North America.
  • Genuine Honda replacement parts and Honda Technician’s labour cost covered.
  • No more repair costs.
  • Trip interruption benefits including: hotel, meals and rental car allowance.
  • Roadside Assistance covers flat tire changes and tire replacement!
  • Increase your vehicle’s resale value.
  • Completely transferable to second owner.

Honda Plus Extended Owner Comfort

Driving a Honda has always been a joy and now we’ve just improved your ownership experience. Honda Plus Owner Comfort offers years of protection against damages that are not covered by your insurance company, but are expensive to repair. Enjoy coverage on dent and ding protection, windshield repair protection, key fob replacement and upholstery protection.

Honda Lease-Guard

Honda Lease-Guard protects the buyer from having to worry about the simple dents, chips and stains that come with Northern Ontario driving. The main focus of purchasing Honda Lease-Guard is to eliminate the worry of excess wear and tear charges at the time of your lease turn-in by relieving you of the financial responsibility to cover those costs.

Important Items to Remember:

  • If the Confirmation of your Honda Plus is not received within 45 days of the Purchase Application, please contact Honda Canada's Customer Relations Department at 1-888-9-HONDA-9, so that we can ensure that you have the coverage down the road. With proper care, your Honda investment will pay even greater dividends.
  • You are required to maintain your vehicle based on Honda's Maintenance Schedule.
  • You are required to retain all maintenance records, as they may be requested from you:
    • by Honda Plus and
    • by the new owner when you sell the vehicle.
  • Honda Plus is designed to support Hondas manufactured for the Canadian market and sold by an authorized Canadian Honda dealer.
  • Honda Plus coverage is designed and intended for vehicles essentially driven in Canada.
  • Please speak to the staff at Great Lakes Honda for full details on coverage, limitations, exclusions and mutual responsibilities.