Certified Pre-Owned

About Honda Certified Used Vehicles

When you think Honda, you think of Honda’s legendary reputation for durability, quality, and reliability. We don't think you should have to compromise when it comes to looking at purchasing a used vehicle. Thanks to Honda Certified Used Vehicles, you don't have to!

In order to earn the distinction of Honda Certified, each used Honda vehicle must pass a series of strict Honda Canada mandated mechanical and appearance inspections. Only vehicles that meet these rigorous standards are eligible for admission into the Honda Certified Used Vehicle program.

Plus, at Great Lakes Honda, Honda Certified Used Vehicles are offered special discounted finance rates from Honda Financial Services and the following bonus added features:

• 7-year/160,000 KM Powertrain Warranty
• Rigorous 100-point Inspection
• Vehicle History Report
• 7-Day/1,000 KM Exchange Privilege

7-year/160,000 KM Powertrain Warranty

For additional peace of mind, Honda Certified Used Vehicles come with a Honda Canada backed 7 year / 160,000 km Power Train Warranty*
This is an additional 2 year/60,000 kms beyond the original factory Power Train warranty.
Honda Certified Used Vehicles also have the option to upgrade to a Honda Plus Extended Warranty.


Rigorous 100-point Inspection

All Honda Certified Used Vehicles must undergo a thorough Honda Canada mandated 100-point mechanical and appearance inspection by Honda factory-trained technicians.
This bumper-to-bumper inspection is designed to help discover any issues with the vehicle. Any issue identified is documented and repaired, plus the requisite parts are replaced using ONLY Honda Genuine parts to help ensure it’s only of the finest quality.

Vehicle History Report

CARFAX is Canada’s definitive source of automotive information, delivering vehicle history information, and is trusted to provide impartial and comprehensive information to dealerships, vehicle manufacturers, consumers, major auctions, governments, insurance providers and police agencies.

7-Day/1,000 KM Exchange Privilege

Every Honda Certified Used Vehicle offers a no-hassle 7 day/1,000 km exchange privilege.*

Although we’re confident that you will not need to take advantage of this benefit, we offer this to give you the peace of mind that if for any reason you are unhappy with your certified vehicle, you may exchange it for another Honda CUV model at the dealership.

*Neither Honda Canada Inc. nor any of its dealers will be required to accept return of a vehicle in certain circumstances including:
(1) if the delivery date of the vehicle was more than 7 days prior to the day on which the customer is seeking to return the vehicle;
(2) if the mileage on the vehicle at the time the customer is seeking to return the vehicle, is more than 1,000 km higher than at the time the vehicle was delivered to the customer or
(3) if the vehicle is not returned in the condition in which it was delivered, including where the vehicle has sustained damage since the time of delivery or where wear and tear on the vehicle since the time of delivery is considered excessive.