Come Ride With Us

Come Ride With Us

Now is your chance to get up close and personal with the all-new 2017 Honda street line-up. Honda encourages you to take a test ride and discover which motorcycle best suits you and your riding style.

Make sure you Come Ride With Us, we have lots of great new products for you to experience. Call to find out when the next Come Ride With Us event is scheduled! (705) 949-7222

There are 15 models of different Honda Motorcycles to choose from. Please be reminded there is a two bike maximum for registration. We will be booking on a first come first serve basis. Please contact Alex or Jake for more information (705) 949-7222.


Where: 415 Pim Street
Registration: Contact Jake or Alex at Great Lakes Honda

Email or for more information.

Rules and Regulations for CRWU participants


• Read, understand, and sign waiver (both rider and passenger)

• Be age of majority

• Have valid Motorcycle license

• Have required riding gear



Below is the list of MINIMUM gear requirements for CRWU participants

• D.O.T. approved helmet

• Eye protection

• Sturdy Jacket (denim or better –no vest)

• Full coverage gloves

• Full length pants (denim or better)

• Boots (that’s cover your ankles)


• Riders are to stay in position 30ft behind the rider immediately ahead

• Ride in staggered formation during ride and change to single file through corners

• No passing allowed

• No lagging and subsequent charging ( sling-slotting)

• All direction from lead and chase rider are to be obeyed

• If you are experience difficulties, stop and wait for assistance.

• No stunting (wheelies, burnouts etc.)